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We sell unique hand-painted abstract art, oil paintings, colourful paintings, aquarelles and metal art to an affordable price and quick delivery.

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Art Storehouse’s belief is that to make a home, you need things that can only be found in your own place: hence our mission is to create hand-painted artworks and original designs to an affordable price. Just Art by Artists – as simple as that. To buy art online have never been simpler. The foundation of our concept is to offer unique art to an affordable price with great customer service. We strive to become the natural choice when buying art online. All our paintings are delivered as stretched canvas on a wooden frame, ready to hang on the wall. Our paintings are of high quality and they are hand-painted by professional artists. Amongst our acrylic-, oil paintings and canvas art you find abstract artworks, figurative artworks with people, animals, landscapes, marine environments, cityscapes and vehicles. Are you looking for a painting done by skilled artists but you don’t want to pay a fortune, Art Storehouse can most likely help you out.

About the paintings

The artists

The paintings that we sell here at Art Storehouse are hand-painted by skilled artists. The artists working for us are educated and active in Asia, Europe and Afrika. Our artists have each and one their speciality, which is why our paintings and art are top quality and true craftsmanship. Each of Art Storehouse’s paintings is unique and it is the craftsmanship that gives the art its real charm. Our artists put their artistic touch on each painting. The artist that creates the painting signs the painting with ”Michelanemo” as the Artstore House Artist. Because it is craftsmanship it is natural that it may be some small deviations between the pictures published here on the website compared to each painting, however you can still be 100% sure that you will be satisfied when shopping with our 14 days return policy. That will give you the possibility to see how the painting looks in real life before you finally decides if you want to keep it.

The designs

Art Storehouse have a lot of colourful and abstract art. We also have figurative art where you will be able to find local cityscapes from e.g. New York, London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin and so on. We also have many paintings with a marine theme as well as designs with animals, nature and countryside landscapes. The designs that we use for our standard range of paintings we use multiple times, the paintings will be similar but still unique given the craftsmanship behind the painting. You also have the option to send us your own photo and we will make a customised painting specially made for you. Look in the menu for “Own Design“, if you are interested in knowing more about the possibilities.


What we call Paintings is hand-made paintings, most of them are made with brush or a knife. They are made on canvas and sometimes in combination with various materials from nature. We also have Metal Art in our collection; this is artwork created completely out of metal and components that have been cut, shaped and coloured into a new life. We also have Aquarelles in our collection; this is artwork painted in watercolours on thick paper. We also have Photo Art in our collection, this is photography’s that we have mounted on the backside of 4mm thick panels made of tempered glass. We also have Collage; this is artwork made of mixed materials.

We also have Art prints, here we have selected a few of our most popular designs and printed them on thick paper as posters, in a numbered limited edition. In this category we also have artworks under the category Canvas, the craftsmanship behind this is print and brush. That gives the artworks a combination of sharp contours and structure of brush strokes. We have also acoustic panels, printed with our designs, which will help to create a pleasant environment at home or in the office.


Our paintings are made on canvas stretched on 3,6cm thick wooden frames. For all of the biggest paintings, arranged under the category ”Big paintings | Oversized”, we have selected a 5cm thick wooden frame, this to give sufficient stability to the paintings. We have made an exception for our Aquarelles; they are made on thick paper. Our paintings are done in acrylic-, oil or watercolours. Feel free to write to us if you have questions about any specific painting.

About the Company

Konstlagret Sverige AB is an independent company registered in Sweden. The company was founded in 2014 and have its headquarters in Varberg.
Address: Maries väg 44, 43254 Varberg, Sweden
Email: customerservice@artstore.house
Tel: +44 203 868 5248
Company registration number: SE5568890429



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