“You feel an immediate happiness every time you gaze at the painting with its beautiful motif, proudly hanging on your wall. It gives you a sense of owning something truly unique, something that is not just a part of your home but also a reflection of your personal taste and style. This painting becomes a source of daily inspiration.”





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Art & Paintings for your home

You experience a deep satisfaction every time your eyes rest on the artwork adorning your wall. It is not just an image, but a unique creation that reflects your own taste and aesthetic sensitivity. Each brushstroke and hue on your painting tells a story, making the artwork feel exclusive and personal.

This painting is more than just a decoration; it is a part of your soul that has materialized in a visual form. It captures gazes and sparks curiosity, often becoming the starting point for interesting conversations with guests. Owning this painting brings you not only joy but also a sense of pride. It serves as a daily reminder of your quest for uniqueness and your appreciation for finer details. It teaches you to cherish moments of beauty in everyday life, uplifting your spirit and inspiring you to new creative heights.

Every morning when you see the painting, you feel how it fills the room with energy and inspiration. It is as if the artwork, with its beautiful motif, has become an indispensable part of your home and your life, reminding you that beauty exists in the moment and that the unique is truly something to value highly.

At Art Storehouse you can buy unique paintings online with designs within both abstract art and figurative art. The artworks that we sell are mainly hand painted in various techniques, like for example oil paintings, acrylic paintings and watercolour paintings in modern and colourful designs. We also have a lot paintings made with mixed techniques. We believe that it shall be simple to buy art and paintings online. That is why our acrylic- and oil paintings are delivered stretched on a wooden frame, ready to hang on the wall. The price that you see on the painting, is also the price that you will pay for the painting at checkout.

Here you find the top 10 most expensive paintings ever sold. The paintings on our website is significantly cheaper, we are pretty sure that we have UK´s best prices on nice paintings.

10. ‘No 5, 1984’, a painting made by Jackson Pollock – 109 miljoner euro
9. ‘No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red)’, a painting made by Mark Rothko – 140 miljoner euro
8. ‘Nu couché’, a painting made by Amedeo Modigliani – 158 miljoner euro
7. ‘Pendant portraits of Maerten Soomans and Oopjen Coppit’, a painting made by Rembrandt – 160 milj. euro
6. ‘Les Femmes d’Alger (”Version O”)’, a painting made by Pablo Picasso – 161 miljoner euro
5. ‘When Will You Marry?’, a painting made by Paul Gauguin – 162 miljoner euro
4. ‘The Card Players’, a painting made by Paul Cézanne – 173 miljoner euro
3. ‘Number 17A’, a painting made by Jackson Pollock – 177 miljoner euro
2. ‘Interchange’, a painting made by Willem de Kooning – 266 miljoner euro
1. ‘Salvator Mundi’, a painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci – 382 miljoner euro

These are most likely five of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

5. Picasso – a painting called “Guernica”
4. Rembrandt – a painting named “Darkness at Noon”
3. Tintoretto – a painting called “Il Paradiso”
2. Monet – a painting named “Water lilies”
1. Leonardo Da Vinci – a painting called “Mona Lisa”

When you decorate your home you might easily forget about making your walls beautiful as well. At Art Storehouse you can not only buy big paintings for your living room but also paintings for your kitchen or perhaps a beautiful watercolor painting for your bedroom. Our Metal Art pictures you can even have outdoors since they are completely made out of metal and other rough components. We also sell sculptures in various colours made out of recycled flip-flop sandals. This is a cooperation that we have with a small group of artists based in Kenya. They call themselves Oceansole and they act to save the worlds oceans under the motto #Fliptheflop. To buy big paintings and art online have never been easier. Buy a painting from us and we deliver it ready to hang without the need of any further framing. Unique canvases, paintings, posters and beautiful pictures from Art Storehouse makes your home more personal. Paintings is an easy and simple way to renew your decorations and create some more energy to your space. We have a grand selection of paintings to astonishing prices – welcome on a Vernissage Online.

At Art Storehouse you can buy very big paintings as well as smaller paintings, all to a very affordable price. Do what thousands of pleased customers already did; buy unique paintings for your walls, at home or in the office. Handcrafted art have so much more charm to it – Just Art by Artists.

What is art really, and above all, what can one actually call paintings?

Art, in itself, is an extremely broad concept, and many people have their own definition of what it is. There is no doubt that the concept of art and paintings encompasses a wide range of different things.

To simplify matters, one can say that art is something one must form an opinion about for oneself. The concept itself is extremely subjective, and this is reflected in the fact that people often have strong opinions not only about what can be called art and what cannot, but also about what is good and bad art. In Sweden, there was particularly an incident that received a lot of media attention. It involved a student from Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts, and Design, who created their “thesis work,” which essentially consisted of the person pretending to be mentally disturbed and pushing it to the point where they were involuntarily committed. In this case, it was not only the student’s actions, but also the response of society that became part of the artistic expression. Whether it was good or bad art is certainly a matter of debate, but regardless, it stirred up a lot of emotions and sparked a heated debate about art. We have not investigated whether this project became a painting when it came to the student’s final grade from Konstfack or what has become of this artist today. However, if one wants to attempt to measure whether it is good or bad art, a good starting point is to consider the property of a thing or an action to communicate something further. The artwork itself becomes a form of communication tool, and art itself has only one purpose, which is to convey a message determined by the artist or even a message that the recipient themselves create based on the impression that the artwork has made on the viewer.

When talking about art today, one often thinks of various forms of paintings, paintings in different techniques, sculptures in different materials, installations of various kinds, poetry, music, authorship, or even architectural creations such as buildings that sometimes take on a strong artistic expression rather than a purely practical and functional form. What is recurring in these different forms of art is the fact that the artist has something they want to convey in various ways.


Be amazed by our selection of collages with unique designs. These are artworks of various mixed techniques, difficult to capture in a photo but equally cool in reality. We have artworks of abstract art and modern art. Order your collage online and get it delivered within just a few working days.

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This is where you, amongst other things, find our unique sculptures from Ocean Sole. This flipflop art is completely handmade from recycled flipflops. This what we would like to call modern art, kindness for mother earth and sweet colors for your home, all in one small sculpture. The sculptures from Ocean Sole looks like elephants, lions and other wild animals. We also have other sculptures of people, dogs and much more. Buy sculptures from Art Storehouse, we sell them online to an affordable price and with shipping in just a few days.

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Canvas Prints

We also sell stylish canvas prints with beautiful designs and motives. This is Art prints done on canvas delivered ready to hang and to add some colors to your walls. We have a lot of pictures of abstract art, modern art and much more. At Art Storehouse you buy canvas prints online, we offer and great quality to an affordable price.

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Metal Art

Looking for some really cool artworks for your walls, check out our unique Metal Art. Here you find a wide selection of high quality art with 3D-effect, this is wall art created completely out of metal and various scrap components. Metal artworks of people, cars, boats, world maps and much more. Buy Metal Art online be really amazed when you get your piece up on the wall.

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Here you find a big selection of posters with cool designs. Beautiful posters to decorate your walls. We have thousands of pictures of world maps, cities, abstract art, people and much more. Buy your posters online to an affordable price, we offer secure payment methods and great customer service.

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Photo Art

This is where you find our photo art, click the link and check out our stylish photographies. We have black and white photography and colour photos that will decorate the walls of your home. We have many beautiful pieces with motives of people, cities, nature, vehicles, animals and much more. Order photo art from Art Storehouse, we offer great quality to really affordable prices.

Photo Art >>

Aquarelles and watercolour paintings

Art Storehouse have various aquarelles and watercolour paintings with stylish designs. We offer hand-painted artworks done by skilled artists. Here you find paintings of world maps, cities, abstract art, people and much more. Buy aquarelles from Art Storehouse and be amazed over the quality of the artworks.

Aquarelles and watercolour paintings >>

Acrylic and Oil Paintings

Check out this link for some nice oil paintings and acrylic paintings with beautiful designs. This is hand-painted art that adds energy to your home. We have thousands of paintings of people, cities, abstract art, modern art and much more. Order oil paintings over the internet to an affordable price and get quick delivery to your home adress.

Acrylic and Oil Paintings >>

Various typer of Paintings and Artworks

Oil painting is one of the classic techniques for paintings. An oil painting is not transparent and the colors on the painting can also fade just slightly over time. When you create an oil painting you rarely or never apply thick layers of paint. Acrylic paintings are very similar to oil paintings in the sense that the color is also not transparent on these types of paintings. It differs in the way that the colors will not fade over time and it will never get the slight yellow tone as an oil painting might. The main advantage that our artists find working with acrylic when creating our paintings is that it is very easy to create a painting with thick layers of paint, this creates a very nice effect and depth in the painting. Aquarelle is a technique for paintings based upon watercolor, it is transparent in the way that you can see the paper through the paint. You often combine aquarelle with sketching with a pencil. Art print, photography or graphics is an artwork that have been produced by printing on various materials with the purpose to have an artistic expression, so this is basically not paintings. Art print also comprises artworks that have been digitally made. Mixed techniques are a picture art that combines several different techniques, e.g. a painting in acrylic and aquarelle. Metal Art and Sculptures are 3-dimensional artworks of different shapes and sizes. It comprises everything from classical sculptures to modern installations.

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Wondering how our paintings will look in your home? Try one of our pictures or upload a picture of your own home and start to fit different paintings into the picture. You can also use our studio pictures to see how a painting will look on the wall in various environments. Are you looking for new paintings to a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Now you can find a beautiful painting from us and simply “place it” on your wall in our photostudio. You then get a very good view of how the colors from the painting matches the colors of the interior that you have in your home. So try out our photo studio and buy paintings online. Fast, safe and simple – buy your new paintings from us at Art Storehouse.


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