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140 × 65 cm


You stand before your impressionistic painting with a flock of colorful birds sitting on a wire. The painting captures the playful and lively presence of the birds, each with its own unique shade and personality. Every time you view the painting, you’re in a good mood and feel a sense of togetherness and joy. The painting reminds you that even the smallest details in nature can provide great inspiration.


Technique: Handmade acrylic painting

Materials: Canvas and aluminum stretched on wooden frame

Other sizes: 200x100cm

This is a hand painted piece of art made on canvas by a skilled artist.

Every painting is hand painted by our artists. The paintings bought from us are of top quality and delivered ready to hang on the wall. We use a small group of artists where each and everyone have years of experience within their area of expertise.

Art Storehouse offer paintings to irresistible prices – Welcome on a colourful Vernissage Online!

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