Face it

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90 × 90 cm


You stand before your modern painting of two beautifully dressed and strong women, depicted without faces to emphasize their ability to act and transform as needed. The painting, filled with diffuse contrasts and deep color tones, particularly in shades of red, inspires you to reflect on identity and adaptability. Each time you view the painting, you feel it challenges you to think about courage and versatility in expression. This image becomes a constant reminder in your home of the strength in being changeable and bold.


Technique: Handmade painting in acrylic

Materials: Canvas stretched on wooden frame

Frame: Black floating frame

This is a hand painted piece of art made on canvas by a skilled artist.

Every painting is hand painted by our artists. The paintings bought from us are of top quality and delivered ready to hang on the wall. We use a small group of artists where each and everyone have years of experience within their area of expertise. When creating this abstract painting, the artist has taken inspiration the mystery of faces without contours.

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 4 × 90 × 90 cm
height (cm)

80, 100

width (cm)

115, 200

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